Given the title of an Active Status Member means that you participated in our workshops, tours, socials, community services, professional events and had met our required fundraising quota, etc. To become an Active Status Member, the individual must complete the SHRM Active Status Requirement Checklist, which includes all mandatory events as well as the minimum requirement requested from each event’s category. In completion of our Active Status Requirements checklist, the individual will automatically be enrolled in our Active Status Membership for the following semester. Active Status members will be recognized for their achievements during SHRM’s semi-annual Banquet and will receive a name recognition on the SHRM Aloha Chapter web page as well as a discounted membership fee the following semester.


Spring 2018 Active StatusSPRING 2017 ACTIVE STATUS REQUIREMENTS Benefits include a 30% deduction in their club dues ($35), and is eligible to attend the SHRM Hawaii Education Program held every month for FREE. In order to keep the Active Status Membership, the individual must maintain their Active Status.



Each member is granted one free “Waiver” to use within the current semester. This waiver will allow you to replace any one of your missed events. You are to attend two additional events to obtain one additional waiver.