A C T I V E    S T A T U S   F A Q s

What is Active Status? How do I achieve it?

Being an “Active Status” member signifies that you participated in the required amount of events, attended all of the mandatory events, and reached the required fundraising quota.

To become an Active Status Member, you should complete the SHRM Active Status Requirement Check List, which includes all of the mandatory events and the minimum requirement within each category.


What if we cannot attend something?

Everyone is granted one free “waiver” to use within the current semester. The waiver will replace any one of your missed events (except for the fundraising quota and mandatory events).

You can earn more by attending two additional events to obtain one waiver (e.g.: If the community service quota is 2 events, and you attend 4 throughout the semester, you will earn an extra waiver because 2 additional events is equivalent to 1 waiver).


What are the benefits to reaching Active Status?

You will be in the “Active Status Membership” for the following semester.

These members are recognized for their achievements during SHRM’s semi-annual Banquet and will receive a name recognition on the SHRM Aloha Chapter webpage. They will also receive a 30% deduction in their club dues ($35) for the following semester and will be eligible to attend the SHRM Hawaii Educational Program.