Every semester SHRM hosts several workshops for our members. We offer a wide variety of topics that touch upon important issues that need to be addressed for our members to develop their professional skills.

The Society for Human Resources Management, Aloha Chapter equips its members with the skills necessary to transform their professionalism into a career. Through a series of workshops that build upon each other, students will learn the skills necessary to hone their professional skills and how to utilize these skills to obtain a career.

Company Tours

Company Tours are opportunities for our members to gain insight to exceptional businesses in Hawaii. Members see behind the scenes and learn about how facilities are run and the corporate culture within these companies as well as the role it plays in the Hawaii’s community. Members will learn about different areas and positions in the company and find out what the company looks for in job candidates. Company visitations allow members to interact with top managers, listen to enriching and inspiring stories, and provide them the opportunity to get personalized advice in their career development.

Community Service

Community service is a way for members to help and give back to their community. Members will have opportunities to donate or volunteer in various services through the chapter. Community service opportunities also help create bonds and friendships between the SHRM Aloha Chapter members.