Social events provide members with fun recreational activities. Our members are able to meet new companions, develop their communication skills, and form new interests. Learning how to interact with fellow peers and create relationships iare skills that are further developed outside the classroom. Socializing is an integral part of college life, as evidenced when talking with friends or networking with faculty. The goal is for members to become comfortable and open-minded in these situations, while discovering the benefits of being socially competent in a professional setting.

Super Clubs Day

Super Clubs Day is an IBC hosted event; IBC is the abbreviation for the Inter-Business Council, a student organized council in the Shidler College of Business. IBC  serves as a bridge between the undergraduates and their organizations, the Shidler College of Business, faculty, and the Hawaii business community. Super Clubs Day is an event that brings together the 11 business clubs in a friendly competition in various activities such as dodgeball, volleyball, brain-bowl/relay, and cheer. These activities will be calculated by a point-ranking system, and the club with the most points will be honored with the winning trophy.

Alumni Social

The Alumni Social is an annual networking and social event where current members from the SHRM Aloha Chapter may meet alumni from previous years. This event allows members the opportunity to ask past members and board members of the Aloha Chapter questions and advice and to gain a sense of community between new and old members of the chapter. Guests will be provided with food and entertainment for the evening.


Our biannual banquet is an event that celebrates the coming of the end of the semester and to recognize the hard work and dedication of the members throughout the semester. On this evening, members will be provided with dinner, entertainment, an award ceremony, speeches, games, and the company of friends and peers. SHRM Aloha Chapter’s banquet will allow the chapter to recognize members who made active status, the Hoss Election winners, the graduating seniors, and to introduce the new executive board for the upcoming semester.