Mock Interview

Mock Interview is an event where students are paired and scheduled to meet with volunteered HR professionals provided by the chapter, and will participate in a job interview that will act as practice for the students. The purpose of this event is to allow students to gain exposure to and learn the process of preparing and conducting themselves in an interview setting. After the interview, members will be given feedback from their respective professionals. Through this experience, student will learn, grow, and discover their strengths and weaknesses, and sharpen their interviewing, rapport, and soft skills.

Professional Interaction Night (PIN)

Professional Interaction Night (commonly referred to as “PIN”) is the biggest professional event hosted by the SHRM Aloha Chapter. This event will serve as the capstone event of the semester and is the culmination of all the professional training and exposure the members have accumulated. It is filled with opportunity for members to meet, interact, and have dinner conversations with professionals in Hawaii’s business community. The event begins with a casual mixer, then transitions into dinner, where members will sit next to their first professional pairing. After dinner the members will move to their second professional pairing. This event allows members to network and ask questions and the professionals to meet new, incoming talent which may lead to internships and full-time hires.