Every semester, we host several workshops for our members with topics that teach the different skills and trades needed to become a successful and influential business professional. We try to have our workshops focus on HR related topics as well as things that can benefit anyone of any major and background.

The Chapter aims to transform their member’s professionalism into a career. Through a series of tiered workshops that build upon each other, students will learn what skills are necessary to become a professional and how to utilize these skills to obtain a career. Past workshops have covered things such as the DiSC Personality Assessment, Stress Management Skills, and Dining/Dress Etiquette.

For any questions, please contact our Director of Professional Development, Lincoln Makizuru at


Along with our workshops, another event that we plan every semester are our company tours. This is a great way for our members to gain insight about exceptional businesses. Not only do they get to see how different companies operate behind the scenes, but they also get to learn about corporate culture and the role it has in Hawaii.

Members learn about different positions within various companies along with what they look for in employees. Company visitations allow members to interact with top managers, listen to their enriching stories, and receive personalized advice in their career development. Past tours have been at places such as Hilton, First Hawaiian Bank, and Staffing Solutions Hawaii.


For any questions, please contact our Director of Corporate Relations, Brooklyn Fuentes at


To develop a close-knitted and SHRMie Ohana, we provide members with fun recreational activities. Through these events, our members are able to make new friends, develop their communication skills, and gain new interests. Learning how to interact with peers and to create relationships is something that is developed outside of the classroom.

Socializing is an integral part of college, as evidenced when talking with friends or networking with faculty. Our goal is for members to become comfortable and open-minded in these situations, while discovering the benefits of being socially competent in professional settings. Past socials include Escape Rooms, Paint Night, and Foot Golf.

For any questions, please contact our Director of Student Affairs, Trevor Takizawa at


The Aloha Chapter prides itself on being committed to helping our communities grow. Through our various community service events held every semester, our members are able to give back and enhance the State of Hawaii. Members will have several opportunities to donate or volunteer in various services through the chapter. This will also help create bonds and friendship between their fellow SHRM Aloha Chapter members.




For any questions, please contact our Executive Vice President, Jessica Sheppard at


Our biannual banquet is an event that celebrates the end of the semester and to recognize the hard work and dedication of the members throughout the semester. At this event, we award our Active Status members, congratulate our graduating seniors, announce our HOSS Election winners, thank the semester’s Executive Board, and announce the next semester’s Executive Board members.




For any questions, please contact our Director of Marketing, Ty Yamamoto at