Alumni Social is an annual event that is held every Spring semester. At this event, our current SHRMies are able to interact, meet, and establish new relations with past SHRMies. Through this event, our members get to experience the more intimate side of networking while helping us to keep the SHRM Ohana strong and fruitful. Also on the other hand, our alumni are able to reconnect with their collegiate peers and give back to the chapter by serving as a mentor for our members.


Please check back next Spring for the 2019 Annual Alumni Social

For any questions, please contact the 2018 Alumni Social Organizer, Ty Yamamoto at




Past Alumni Social Organizers:

2018: Ty Yamamoto
2017: Waverly Heurtelou
2016: Jessica Higashi
2015: Alec Catalan
2014: Leon Sheen
2013: Tasha Short